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Monday, October 1, 2012

Get taken out of this world with the Bottle Rocket Bubbler!

As a kid I can recall poking holes into plastic soda bottles in hopes of fitting a stem piece properly inside to make a water piece of sorts. The biggest problem was making a hole that wasn't going to leak water if held at an angle and trying to make sure it sealed right to get a good hit. Now, in the future, things are easy. You don't make bottles into bongs, instead The Bottle Rocket Bubbler does it for you!

Bottle Rocket Bubbler

Looking for a water piece that has adjustable chamber sizes, wont break, will last a lifetime, is made from just 5ozs of aluminun and cleans easy? Then Try the Bottle Rocket Bubbler! With over a year of development, the creators of this smoking utensil made sure it was a hard hitter! The Bottle Rocket Bubbler fits all soda bottles (except for 3ltrs) and can be picked up from our sponsors by clicking here or on the picture!