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Saturday, January 26, 2013

420 Themed Valentines Gifts

Valentines day is quickly creeping up on us and by now I'm sure plenty of people are on the scramble to pick up something special for their sweetheart. Today we cover 3 awesome 420 oriented valentines day gifts.

1. "I Love Marijuana" and "Cant we all just get a bong" light up signs.
Your all set to impress when your man or woman walks into the room and sees this sign. Great to show off that love for the cannabis pant, the hemp leaf light is done in 3d and shows off all the details of a true cannabis leaf minus the smell! At $30, these marijuana sign gifts are a steal and can be used far beyond just impressing a significant other. Click Here to pick one up or to view more signs from our sponsors.

2. Kush Perfume
In our last post about Kush Perfume (here) we reviewed it as being the best marijuana fragrance available, and it still is! Kush Perfume is sure to win over the special valentines day someone, male or female! Do not be fooled by other brands such as "Demeter Cannabis Flower", they DO NOT smell anything like cannabis. To pick up a bottle of the legit marijuana perfume/cologne Click Here or on the picture to visit our sponsors.

3. Cannalube Personal Lubricant
Want something to top off that special day with? Climb into bed with a bottle of Cannalube Personal Lubricant! Water based, latex-friendly, Paraben free and non staining. This handy stuff is infused with hemp seed oil, aloe very and smells like blueberry kush! Click Here to pick up a bottle from our sponsors for under $10!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Smoke Buddy Personal Air Purifier

Living in a non 420 friendly place can be a pain in the butt. This is only exacerbated by the fact that its such a smelly smoke! Don't you which there was a way to keep the smoke to yourself and keep your 420 time on the down low? Have no fear, Smoke Buddy is here!

The Smoke Buddy Personal Air Purifier is reviewed as one of the best things to happen to 420 friendly people living in less than accepting housing. Just take a hit and blow it through your smoke buddy and watch in awe as your hit is cleaned up like magic and exits the other side. Smoke Buddy can fit in your pocket and includes a smoke buddy key chain! Click on the picture or here to visit our sponsors and pick up smoke buddy for less than $18!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Where to buy marijuana seeds online

The green rush is upon us and many people are now looking into how to grow marijuana, but where can one buy marijuana seeds? Often times local dispensaries only provide clones, which do not produce as much as the original seed started plants. The only alternative to picking up locally (if you even can) is to buy online. This would seem like risky business, but fortunately for us there are legit suppliers that ship worldwide and use stealthier packaging to make sure you get your marijuana seeds. One of the oldest known suppliers that ships marijuana seeds has been in business for over 15 years and has a vast selection of industry standard marijuana strains in seed such as afghan seeds, haze seeds, skunk seeds and lowryder seeds to name a few. We have bought seeds many times from this supplier and whole heartedly recommend them to anyone that wants legit to name marijuana strains that pack a punch. You can Click Here or on the picture to visit their website for more info!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Magnum Detox Drink Review

Its been awhile since our last detox drink review so today were bringing you the newest detox drink to hit the market. Its called Magnum Detox and it is by far one of the most powerful detox drinks available.
Magnum Detox drink

Magnum Detox drinks come in several different options. You can chose from the Magnum Detox 1 hour body cleanser in 32oz bottles available in 2 different flavors, or for smaller body types there is the original Magnum Detox drinks in 16oz bottle and available in 4 different flavors. Magnum Detox TM even went a step further and made a product called Clean Start 7 day permanent cleanser, which strips the body clean permanently (or until your next bowl).

Countless hours of research went into these products and the drinks are (at least in my opinion) some of the tastiest detox drinks i've tried. For my test I decided to try the 32oz blueberry flavored drink. As per the instructions I shook well before use to mix in up and chugged it pretty quick. After my second trip to the restroom (he first trip was just to flush out my body) then we busted out the test strips to see what could be detected in a daily user and sure enough it read clean! I weigh about 200 and I'm 6ft 2in tall so I was very pleased to see that this worked on the first try. Definitely a keeper!

The Magnum Detox tm Clean Start 7 day permanent cleanser has some nifty things to be said about it as well. For those of you that don't know, certain job preventing toxins take about a month to leave the system. This is a big issues for those that don't have to take a pee test upon hiring or interview, as there could be a test hidden around the corner! If you even suspect that a test my be coming your way and you want to decrease the amount of time your away from your herbals, then this is the product for you. Simply use as directed and wait for those with pee testing fetishes to come looking and awe them with your lack of anything at all!

By now your probably wondering where to get these detox drinks, but unfortunately they are not available everywhere yet. However, We recommend visiting our sponsors by Click Here or on the pictures to order some online!
Update! 3/28/2015 Our magnum detox drink review still maintains that magnum is the best option, I just used it to land an IT job! Also, some readers have emailed me regarding some negative reviews on amazon regarding the 32oz magnum drinks. I would like to point out that one should pay more attention to the "verified amazon purchase" reviews as those customers have actually used the product and low and behold tend to be more positive.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Ever try Dabs? Honey oil is the way to go in today's Oil Extraction products review.

Want to learn how to make butane extractions such as honey oil aka Dabs? First realise that using butane to extract anything is just plain dangerous as it is a highly flammable substance and could end up with your butt glued to your face in the ER as part of a skin graft. Get some safe products like the Honey Bee Extractor Combo Kit and avoid using home-made contraptions.

The Honey Bee Extractor Combo Kit is easy to use and comes with everything you need except the glass pyrex dish to spray your extract into. It includes a grinder to grind your herbs, 8 screens, a large can of 5x refined butane and a vapetool kit with nifty things to collect your product with! click here or on the picture to pick it up from our sponsors.