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Monday, November 18, 2013

We got "The Extra Stuff" covered in this weeks detox drink review!

Sometimes we just don't have enough notice to get clean, when it comes to drug tests that is. We always recommend Magnum detox drinks in our reviews, but what if you just don't have time to let it flush your system? That's when "The Extra Stuff" detox drink comes in!
"The Extra Stuff" is a rapid acting detox drink, not only is it fast (3-5hrs), but it also provides you with plenty of b12 and creatine. This is important as these are the two most commonly missing things in UA's that end up making your piss test inconclusive. "The Extra Stuff" comes in three different flavors (grape, citrus and fruit punch) and is relatively cheap compared to most detox drinks. Check out some of the reviews on Amazon, there is plenty! we give this detox drink a 5 out of 5, visit our sponsors by clicking here to pick up a few bottles and receive free shipping when you by 3 or more!