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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Say Goodbye to Dirty Pipes and Bongs! Formula 420 Instant Pipe Cleaner Review

Stop scratching up and breaking your beloved smoking utensils just because you want them clean! Formula 420 pipe cleaner will have birds trying to fly through that old resinated bong!

Formula 420
is the number one choice when it comes to pipe cleaning products. This stuff is horribly simple to use, just pour a little into your glass smoking utensil of choice and start shaking it around with the openings held sealed. In seconds to a minute of shaking you will see all that black sludge breakdown into liquid and chunks, rinse and your done! You can pick up a cheap bottle of Formula 420 from our sponsors by clicking on the ad to the left.

Strain Review: BDS Special

Feeling any pain? Wonder which strain great for pain? BDS Special is a quick growing hybrid, treat her right and she will make you feel goooooood, She is today's marijuana strain review.

BDS Special is a newer "hydro friendly" medical strain from BDS. It's great for pain relief without leaving you unfocused at work, However, you will be feeling heavy! It does best outdoors in a sunny but cooler climates, but does wonders indoors when grown in hydroponic mediums under hps bulbs as well. BDS Special can only be bought online from buy dutch seeds, so you probably wont see it in your local dispensary any time soon. You can however click here to buy it directly and discreetly from the seed provider and skip waiting for your local dispensary to carry them. For my information please refer to the table below or click on the picture to visit the seed banks website.
Table 1
THC % Strain Type Flowering Time Cultivate Average Yield Medical
 21%  hybrid  55-65 days  outdoor  1.3lbs per sq meter  yes

Custom Vape Bags for Vaporizers!

Get tired of staring at the same boring translucent plastic bag filling up with smoke that's attached to your vaporizer? Tokeez has got an answer for you and we got another review!

Tokeez Vape Shapes are the hip new way to use your vaporizer in style! The bag attaches to your vape like normal, but expands to take on the shape of a pot leaf! Bags are designed to fit all bag based vapes. Be the envy of your friends as they watch your inflatable pot leaf fill up with smoke or vapor. You can only pick these up from our sponsors online by clicking the pic to the left!

Detox Drink Review, to you help pass your next UA!

Been smoking marijuana for awhile and need to get clean fast? Just got called for a job and need to detox? In todays review, we will look over Stinger The Buzz 5x detox drink.

Stinger The Buzz 5x - is a urinalysis detox drink that works! This stuff taste like crappy kool-aid and makes you pee alot, but alas it is a detox drink and it beats being jobless! This stuff works for 1 to 6hrs and requires that you be responsible and drink plenty of water with it as well as avoid fatty foods like dairy products and kfc. Click the pic to the left to visit our sponsors and pick up a 2pk of Stinger The Buzz 5x 8oz bottles, complete with 2 FREE 5 panel drug tests to ensure you get the desired results before racing off to piss in your potential employers test tube!

*update 1/16/2013* We have found another brand that is having better results with a wider variety of body types. Click Here to see our review of Magnum Detox Drinks

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Tokeez Magnetic Lighter Leash for Bongs Review (Sold Out)

Ever have trouble figuring out where your lighter went? Don't you wish it was just connected to your smoking device of choice at all times? Tokeez has you covered! But good luck finding this item in stores, they're having trouble keeping up with demand!!!

Tokeez Magnetic Lighter Leash is a lighter and time saver. No longer will couch cushions be turned over in search of fire. Tokeez nifty elastic gadget leashes your lighter to it, it aint goin nowhere! Be the envy of your friends when they see that your smoking accessories have accessories! Good luck finding these in stores, their in short supply! You can however order a Tokeez Magnetic Lighter Leash from our sponsors in rasta or black colors for under $10, simply click the picture! UPDATE 9/14/2012 - Tokeez Intl. seems to no longer be doing business, they don't offer the magnetic lighter leash online any more and have not responded to calls inquiring about the product. Sorry to see it go, was a beautiful thing!

Advanced Nutrients Sensi Grow and Sensi Bloom Review

Whats so great about Sensi? Well tell you! Advanced Nutrients Sensi line offers what is arguably the best 2-part nute for hydro. Mary Jane is here to give you the low down on this top product as well as give you a few tips.

Sensi Grow is formulated specifically for resin producing herb plants. The science and work that went into this product is flawless. If your looking for a highly rated and easy to use nute with fantastic results start with Sensi Grow. Visit your local grow shop or visit our sponsors to get it cheaper online.

Sensi Bloom is a nockout bloom nute guaranteed to improve the yield, aroma, resin production and structure of your herb. Designed with the same level of work at SEnsi Grow. Pick up some Sensi Bloom from our sponsor to the left or pick it up locally if available.

All and all Advanced Nutrients Sensi is an awesome hydro nute solution but take care as Sensi WILL BURN YOUR PLANTS IF YOU DO NOT ADJUST THE PH AND PPM OF YOUR RES TO ACCEPTABLE LEVELS.

How to get rid of Spider Mites, Mary Jane's Miticide Review

How do I kill spider mites, Spider mites wont die, Help spider mites, Why cant I get rid of spider mites.... These are all question we ask ourselves and see other ask on the Internet VERY frequently. Well Mary Jane has a review for you of 3 highly effective products for you to use should the traditional Neem and Soap method prove ineffective or slow. Some these products are even organic.

Doktor Doom is a High concentration of the naturally occurring insecticide Pyrethriy. It can be used up to one day prior to harvest, its somewhat organic and best of all it gets rid of them darn spider mites fast! Can Pick a can from our sponsor now by clicking on the picture to the left.

General Hydroponics Aza Max is by far the most assured method of spider might genocide. This is the only product I've seen that will kill each and every last living mite, aphid, grasshopper or whatever on your ladies within a week of usage with almost 100% accuracy. YOU MUST WASH YOUR PLANT THOROUGHLY AFTER TREATMENT. DO NOT USE IN BLOOM WITHOUT HOSING YOUR PLANTS CLEAN OF IT. Pick up this bottle of mite genocide from our sponsors by clickin over yonder.

Good 'Ol Fashion Live Ladybugs are the tried and true method to cut back on and possibly exterminate spider mites. At the very least a decent arsenal of lady bugs will keep the spider might population in check and prevent them from setting up their circus tents on your top colas. Our Sponsors are offer 1500 live lady bugs for under $10 online, see to the left.

Nute Review: Earth Juice Grow, Earth Juice Bloom, Earth Juice Catalyst

Want to grow organic on a budget? Need something that wont leave salts in your soil or burn your plants? Interested in learning about composting teas? Look no further! In today's Nute Review we will be showcasing Earth Juice Grow, Earth Juice Bloom and Earth Juice Catalyst.

Earth Juice Grow (2-1-1) for Veg growth is a blend of all sort of organic goodies! Such as bat guano, kelp, sulphate of potash, feather meal oat bran, blood meal and steamed bone meal. Add a TBSP (5ml) or two into a gallon of water (combine with bloom and catalyst for best results) and aerate with a bubble stones for a bout six hours to stimulate the microbial activity. Watch your plants grow larger than you and increase yield the organic, chemical free way! Did we mention this stuff makes your herb taste good too? Which is good because it smells rather compost like... You can click on the picture to pick some up from our sponsors if they don't have it in your area, for their low prices.

Earth Juice Bloom (0-3-1) for the flowering aka bloom stage of growth, is an organic blend of Drop a tablespoon (5ml) or two into a gallon of water (combine with bloom and catalyst for best results) and aerate with a bubble stones for an hour to stimulate the microbial activity. Watch your plants grow larger than you and increase yield the organic, chemical free way! Did we mention this stuff makes your herb taste good too? Warning: this does not smell any better than the Earth Juice Grow, they are organic after all. You can click on the picture to pick some up from our sponsors if they don't have it in your area, for their low of a prices.

Earth Juice Catalyst increases your plants nutrients uptake to get bigger buds the organic, chemical free way! Did we mention this stuff makes your herb taste good too? You can click on the picture to pick some up from our sponsors if they don't have it in your area, for their low prices.

The Bottom Line -Earth Juice products smell like compost, which sucks for you, but is great for your plants! SHAKE BEFORE USE and be sure to aerate the solution in water with a bubble stone and air pump before application! Feel free to post comments and share us with other on google!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

LED Grow Light, Are they worth it?

LED Grow lights are surfacing all over the web lately and many can even be found in your local grow shop, they are a great way to get started growing stealthy, but what is all the hype about and which one is the best? LED's emit pure colour spectrum light with next to no heat by themselves and can be used in both veg (18/6) or bloom (12/12) stages by changing the colour spectrum from blue (veg) to red (bloom). Not all LED's are powerful enough to give your plants what they need lumen-wise however, and one should never hang an LED grow unit higher than 12inches above the canopy of the plants. The best and most powerful LED grow system out there right now is the blindingly bright 240W LED Grow Light Lighthouse from hydro blackstar. it comes in a full enclosure complete with ventilation. The spectrum Is best suited for flowering. Click on the pic to get your today!

Strain Review: BDS's New York Power Diesel

If your looking for a true Diesel marijuana strain with flavour and power to match the name, then look no further. BDS's New York Power Diesel strain is one of the best, giving you a narcotic-like high, diesel fuel flavor and a pungent aroma to share with the whole neighbourhood.. This is one of my most favourite strains in terms of yield, high and flavour. New York Power Diesel is one of the few buds that actually got its name for a reason other than it just sounding cool. Click on the pic to buy some seeds and have them shipped discreetly worldwide.

Got skrilla and no swag? Get some Hemp Ipaths son!

Everybody knows that ipaths are a street hustlers shoe of choice thanks to the hidden pouch in the tongue to store our herbals and other small bagged items....But did you know these badboys came in hemp? Well guess what? THEY DO! Comes complete with rasta coloured fastener to keep them on your feet without having to tie them. Click on the pic to buy a pair!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Volcano Vaporizer

The Volcano Vaporizer "classic" is the Ferrari of smoking utensils. Hand crafted in Germany and known for its sleek and sexy volcano design, leaving this out on the table is guaranteed to turn some heads. Place you herbs inside, attach bag, flip it on and your ready to go! The bag fills with vapor before your eyes, detach, inhale and feel results in minutes! This is as good as it gets when it comes to taking herbs medicinally without smoking them. Get one now before your put on a waiting list! These are hand crafted after all...

HPS vs CFL, scrap the weak spiral thing....

Many are probably wondering whether or not they should use and HPS or CFL for their marijuana grow. Might as well stop growing if your going to use CFL's. They just dont produce enough light unless you use more than a few. The answer you will almost always find is that HPS is the best and only way to grow indoors. It not only provides the perfect spectrum of light to grow marijuana in both Veg (18/6) and Bloom (12/12) stages, but they have a high re-sale value when your done with a few grows and its time to upgrade to the next best thing AND the best part is that many of these HPS systems have hoods designed to incorporate ventilation from an in-line exhaust fan which means no burnt plants! I recommend a good ol fashion Hydrofarm hood and ballast setup with a 1000w HPS Hortilux brand bulb if you want to yield at least 1lb (1lb=16ozs) using as little as 6 plants. even newbies can get these results. As a bonus, some units like the one featured in this review come with 8 an year warranty!