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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Purple Kush Seeds And Where To Find Them

Purple Kush

Purple Kush is an older strain sporting a purple hue and sometimes grapey, skunky flavor. Often it is found as a hybrid as many people seek to refine its flavor and color by crossing it with another strain. Purple kush cannabis was originally a hybrid of hindu kush itself. This particular strain has become very popular along the west coast. It is a fair yielding cannabis strain averaging around 6-8 ounces per plant indoor and up to 4lbs if purple kush is grown outdoors. This purple strain also boasts an impressive 22% thc content.  purple kush harvest time is generally around 60-70 days.
Table 1
THC % Strain Type Flowering Time Cultivate Average Yield Medical
 22%  hybrid 60-70 days  indoor/outdoor  1.2lbs per sq meter  yes

Purple kush seeds are easy to start and germinate about as well as any other cannabis seed. The plant grows to an average height of 3 feet indoors and up to 8 feet outdoors. Of course, results my vary depending on your grow setup and your level of expertise.

So by now your probably wondering where to get purple kush seeds online, unfortunately buydutchseeds.com does not have this strain. That's ok though because we did the "hard" work for you, we checked the catalogs around the web to find where you could buy purple kush seeds and lucky enough a seed bank we reviewed in a past post just so happens to have it. They are going for $10 a pack but it looks like they have single seed options too for those of us that are pinching pennies. Click Here or on the pic to check out their website and get your very own purple kush seeds.

 Once you've order your purple kush seeds, we welcome you to come back and share your experience growing this cannabis strain.If you have purple kush pictures and would like to contribute to this blog, please send an email to freedbytheseed@gmail.com

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