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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Strain Review: Blue Dream

 Blue Dream
Blue Dream
Blue dream has become one of the most sought strains here on the west coast. With its reasonable THC content, desirable taste and fragrant smell, it is easy to see why this strain is so dreamy. Our review of blue dream will let you know exactly why people are choosing to grow this strain year after year.
Blue Dream
THC % Strain Type Flowering Time Cultivate Average Yield Medical
 18%  Sativa dominant 65 days  indoor/outdoor  1.2lbs per sq meter  yes
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What is blue dream?
Blue dream is a sativa dominant strain originating from California. This marijuana strain is a cross of the popular DJ short's blueberry strain and a silver haze variety. Occasionally it can be found in an indica dominant form, but this is not the true blue dream so be careful where you get your seeds from! Blue dreams sports a smooth blueberry flavor and the buds are a slight blue hue much as its name suggests.

Is blue dream easy to grow?
The good news about this marijuana strain is that it is an easier grow for beginners. Blue dream is heat tolerant as it is a sativa strain and often prefers longer summers to grow to enough heights. If grown indoors, hydroponics will give you the best yield, but a nice organic soil mixture with good drainage will yield satisfactory results.

Why should I try blue dream?
If you like marijuana strains with a strong flavor and equally strong buzz, then this is the strain for you. It is easy to grow, has a decent average yield of 1.2lbs per sq meter and isn't as expensive to acquire unlike most strains.

Where can I get blue dream seeds?
The blue dream strain can be found in dispensaries in Oregon, California and Washington If you don't feel like visiting a dispensary, you can use a trusted supplier with discreet, stealth shipping methods by clicking here