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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Formula 420 Detox Drink by Body Clean Review

Our Other detox reviews showed some of the most commonly sought after detox products. Today we review a newer product, a detox drink made for marijuana users.

Formula 420 Detox Drink by Body Clean

Body Clean's Formula 420 Detox Drink is probably one of the more tasty and more "drug user" oriented detox drinks we've reviewed. However It didn't pass our 1hour, 2 hour and 4 hour tests. The product makers claim that "Formula 420 was Developed in DHHS-certified labs.". They further try to push this product by even offer a DOUBLE your money back guarantee. Why would anyone want double their money back? They spent money intending to get a product that will produce results, not headaches. 

 We have found another brand that is having better results with a wider variety of body types. Click Here to see our review of Magnum Detox Drinks