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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Turbo Klone Review

Tired of taking clones and having half of them die? Tired of waiting weeks for decent root systems to transplant? Then wake, bake and take a look at today's Turbo Klone review.

The Turbo Klone Propagation System

If your looking to take massive amounts of clones quickly, then look no further. The Turbo Klone is a professional aero cloner and comes in 24-144 site models (can hold up to 144 clones), complete with a humidity dome and plugs for the clones. The Turbo Klone uses a small submersible pump attached to a custom made sprinkler system to keep the root-zone of the clones constantly wet, but not submerged thus allowing them to breath easy and be transplanted into soil or hydroponic grow systems. Our Turbo Klone review yeilded a 100% success rate when using clonex. 

You can pick up the Turbo Klone online with free shipping by clicking here to visit the dealer!

**We highly recommend using Clonex cloning solution with the Turbo Klone. To pick up a bottle from our sponsors click here