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Monday, September 10, 2012

Hortlilux vs other HPS bulbs

Want bigger yield? want to grow lbs indoor? Then you better start taking growing more seriously and stop screwing around with cheapo hps bulbs. Hortilux is hands down the best kind of hps bulb you can get. The Hortilux hps bulbs have something that the other brand hps bulbs just dont, and that is more blue light spectrum. Why is this important? If you plan to veg under an hps, usually plants tend to be a little taller than bushy, this solves that problem by adding in the blue color spectrum that other hps bulbs lack. Plants grow tall AND bushy. Hortliux bulbs even make the nugs are even a little denser during flowering thanks to the increased variety of light spectrum. The bottom line is the price is about $20-$30 more per bulb, but is worth the extra 15-25% yield increase. If you would like to buy a hortilux brand hps bulb, feel free to click on the picture to get a good deal online