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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

P Clean Detox Review to help you Pee Clean for your next Drug Test

Looking for a detox that actually works? Screw other crap if you got alot of fat and even if you don't, be prepared to make your bladder into a Brita filter! P clean helps people up to 375lbs in weight in less than 1 hour! Its stronger than a detox drink including the one in our last detox review. You get 4 pills, but these 4 pills are all part of 1 dose. Along with its toxin removing abilities P clean is also enhanced with creatine and protein to help make your pee seem legit and un-tampered with. A little on the expensive side (kinda). However they offer a 100% money back guarantee so don't worry about feeling jipped should it not work out for any reason. To pick up a single dose of P clean to help pass your next drug test please feel free to visit our sponsors by clicking here or on the picture.