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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Need a deceptive digital scale? Weigh your options with this review!

Ever want to carry a digital scale around without looking suspicious? All to often we see people getting drug trafficing charges because someone saw that they had a digitial pocket scale in their possesion. Today I review 3 deceptively designed scales to keep you safe while on the go.

The CD Case Digital Scale by BeWild

The CD Case Digital Scale is exactly what it sounds like. Simply open the cd case to reveal a hidden scale that can weigh up to 500g or 17.85ozs, click here to get one from our sponsors

Next up is the Iphone Scale

The Iphone Scale is the most popular deceptive scale you can find, and for good reason. Most people just assume its another shitty electronic device and pass it by. This deceptive scale also happens to be dirt cheap for under $15. You can click here or on the picture to get one from our sponsors

And last but certaintly not the least,
The ProScale Optical Mouse

So we've showed you 2 digital scales that are pretty good at remaining hidden, but this last one takes the cake by far. Not only does this scale remain hidden, but it works as an optical mouse as well! You can literally hide a working digital scale right beneath your finger tips without anyone knowing. This is a MUST HAVE,I have one myself and even close friends who use my computer on occasion have no idea that its anything more than a mouse. The thought doesnt even occur! For under $30 this is something you cannot afford not have. The ProMouse deceptive digital scale is an optical mouse and works via usb with all operating systems. You can get this rad scale from our sponsors by clicking here or on the picture.