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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sharpstone Grinder Review

Looking for a way to grind your weed with ease and collect the keif with ease? Most grinders are capable of doing this job for you, but few can do it for long without losing teeth like a hockey player. In today's review, we show you the blendtec (from will it blend) of hand grinders.

The Sharpstone Grinder.

This is hands down THE best grinder you can get for the price. Sharpstone grinders are made from heavy duty aircraft grade billet aluminum, making them light yet durable. This Sharpstone Grinder has 4 stages, features a magnetic enclose, perfect micron count screen for keif extraction and if you click here or on the picture to buy one from our sponsors, you will also receive a custom scraper, pouch and Cali Crusher pollen press!