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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Tokeez Magnetic Lighter Leash for Bongs Review (Sold Out)

Ever have trouble figuring out where your lighter went? Don't you wish it was just connected to your smoking device of choice at all times? Tokeez has you covered! But good luck finding this item in stores, they're having trouble keeping up with demand!!!

Tokeez Magnetic Lighter Leash is a lighter and time saver. No longer will couch cushions be turned over in search of fire. Tokeez nifty elastic gadget leashes your lighter to it, it aint goin nowhere! Be the envy of your friends when they see that your smoking accessories have accessories! Good luck finding these in stores, their in short supply! You can however order a Tokeez Magnetic Lighter Leash from our sponsors in rasta or black colors for under $10, simply click the picture! UPDATE 9/14/2012 - Tokeez Intl. seems to no longer be doing business, they don't offer the magnetic lighter leash online any more and have not responded to calls inquiring about the product. Sorry to see it go, was a beautiful thing!