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Saturday, August 4, 2012

How to get rid of Spider Mites, Mary Jane's Miticide Review

How do I kill spider mites, Spider mites wont die, Help spider mites, Why cant I get rid of spider mites.... These are all question we ask ourselves and see other ask on the Internet VERY frequently. Well Mary Jane has a review for you of 3 highly effective products for you to use should the traditional Neem and Soap method prove ineffective or slow. Some these products are even organic.

Doktor Doom is a High concentration of the naturally occurring insecticide Pyrethriy. It can be used up to one day prior to harvest, its somewhat organic and best of all it gets rid of them darn spider mites fast! Can Pick a can from our sponsor now by clicking on the picture to the left.

General Hydroponics Aza Max is by far the most assured method of spider might genocide. This is the only product I've seen that will kill each and every last living mite, aphid, grasshopper or whatever on your ladies within a week of usage with almost 100% accuracy. YOU MUST WASH YOUR PLANT THOROUGHLY AFTER TREATMENT. DO NOT USE IN BLOOM WITHOUT HOSING YOUR PLANTS CLEAN OF IT. Pick up this bottle of mite genocide from our sponsors by clickin over yonder.

Good 'Ol Fashion Live Ladybugs are the tried and true method to cut back on and possibly exterminate spider mites. At the very least a decent arsenal of lady bugs will keep the spider might population in check and prevent them from setting up their circus tents on your top colas. Our Sponsors are offer 1500 live lady bugs for under $10 online, see to the left.