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Thursday, August 2, 2012

LED Grow Light, Are they worth it?

LED Grow lights are surfacing all over the web lately and many can even be found in your local grow shop, they are a great way to get started growing stealthy, but what is all the hype about and which one is the best? LED's emit pure colour spectrum light with next to no heat by themselves and can be used in both veg (18/6) or bloom (12/12) stages by changing the colour spectrum from blue (veg) to red (bloom). Not all LED's are powerful enough to give your plants what they need lumen-wise however, and one should never hang an LED grow unit higher than 12inches above the canopy of the plants. The best and most powerful LED grow system out there right now is the blindingly bright 240W LED Grow Light Lighthouse from hydro blackstar. it comes in a full enclosure complete with ventilation. The spectrum Is best suited for flowering. Click on the pic to get your today!