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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

HPS vs CFL, scrap the weak spiral thing....

Many are probably wondering whether or not they should use and HPS or CFL for their marijuana grow. Might as well stop growing if your going to use CFL's. They just dont produce enough light unless you use more than a few. The answer you will almost always find is that HPS is the best and only way to grow indoors. It not only provides the perfect spectrum of light to grow marijuana in both Veg (18/6) and Bloom (12/12) stages, but they have a high re-sale value when your done with a few grows and its time to upgrade to the next best thing AND the best part is that many of these HPS systems have hoods designed to incorporate ventilation from an in-line exhaust fan which means no burnt plants! I recommend a good ol fashion Hydrofarm hood and ballast setup with a 1000w HPS Hortilux brand bulb if you want to yield at least 1lb (1lb=16ozs) using as little as 6 plants. even newbies can get these results. As a bonus, some units like the one featured in this review come with 8 an year warranty!