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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Advanced Nutrients Sensi Grow and Sensi Bloom Review

Whats so great about Sensi? Well tell you! Advanced Nutrients Sensi line offers what is arguably the best 2-part nute for hydro. Mary Jane is here to give you the low down on this top product as well as give you a few tips.

Sensi Grow is formulated specifically for resin producing herb plants. The science and work that went into this product is flawless. If your looking for a highly rated and easy to use nute with fantastic results start with Sensi Grow. Visit your local grow shop or visit our sponsors to get it cheaper online.

Sensi Bloom is a nockout bloom nute guaranteed to improve the yield, aroma, resin production and structure of your herb. Designed with the same level of work at SEnsi Grow. Pick up some Sensi Bloom from our sponsor to the left or pick it up locally if available.

All and all Advanced Nutrients Sensi is an awesome hydro nute solution but take care as Sensi WILL BURN YOUR PLANTS IF YOU DO NOT ADJUST THE PH AND PPM OF YOUR RES TO ACCEPTABLE LEVELS.