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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Detox Drink Review, to you help pass your next UA!

Been smoking marijuana for awhile and need to get clean fast? Just got called for a job and need to detox? In todays review, we will look over Stinger The Buzz 5x detox drink.

Stinger The Buzz 5x - is a urinalysis detox drink that works! This stuff taste like crappy kool-aid and makes you pee alot, but alas it is a detox drink and it beats being jobless! This stuff works for 1 to 6hrs and requires that you be responsible and drink plenty of water with it as well as avoid fatty foods like dairy products and kfc. Click the pic to the left to visit our sponsors and pick up a 2pk of Stinger The Buzz 5x 8oz bottles, complete with 2 FREE 5 panel drug tests to ensure you get the desired results before racing off to piss in your potential employers test tube!

*update 1/16/2013* We have found another brand that is having better results with a wider variety of body types. Click Here to see our review of Magnum Detox Drinks