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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Strain Review: BDS Special

Feeling any pain? Wonder which strain great for pain? BDS Special is a quick growing hybrid, treat her right and she will make you feel goooooood, She is today's marijuana strain review.

BDS Special is a newer "hydro friendly" medical strain from BDS. It's great for pain relief without leaving you unfocused at work, However, you will be feeling heavy! It does best outdoors in a sunny but cooler climates, but does wonders indoors when grown in hydroponic mediums under hps bulbs as well. BDS Special can only be bought online from buy dutch seeds, so you probably wont see it in your local dispensary any time soon. You can however click here or on the picture to buy it directly and discreetly from the seed provider (our sponsors) and skip waiting for your local dispensary to carry them.